Development and production of electrolysis cells and electrolysis stacks

 Our many years of experience in the development of electrochemical reactors have enabled us to develop novel electrolysis cells for a wide range of applications (e.g. water electrolysis, CO2 electrolysis or electrochemical hydrogenation) and to scale them up to the size of industrially relevant electrolysis stacks. Each of the mentioned technologies has its own challenges and thus new concepts have to be worked out continuously and existing electrolysers have to be improved.

Electrolysis stack
Electrolysis stack
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Our engineering team deals with the following topics:

  • Elaboration of overall concepts for electrolysis stacks for various electrochemical applications
  • Adaptation and scaling of existing electrolysis cells and electrolysis stacks for novel electrodes, catalysts and membranes
  • Safety and fluid mechanical design of components, electrolysis cells & electrolysis stacks
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