Former PhD students & Alumni


  • Dr. Julian Kleinhaus
    Scalable Electrochemical Hydrogenation Enabled by CO2 and Proton Reduction Catalysts and Integrated Process Design



  • Dr. Tobias Kull
    Synthesis of Hydrocarbons from synthesis gas
  • Dr. Sung Youn Suh
    Catalytic Removal of Oxygen Traces from Coke Oven Gas Using Transition Metal Sulfide Catalysts
  • Dr. Theresa Jaster
    Einfluss von Elektrodenparametern und Cu-Metall-Katalysatoren auf die Elektrochemische CO2-Reduktion an Gasdiffusionselektroden
  • Dr. Shanika Yadav
    [FeFe] Hydrogenases: Manipulation and Oxidative Degradation



  • Dr. Alina Gawel
    New concepts for robust gas diffusion electrodes for the electrochemical CO2 reduction to CO
  • Dr. David Tetzlaff
    Designing surfaces for the electrochemical hydrogen formation
  • Dr. Julia Jökel
    Bimetallic transition metal complexes for the reduction of CO2 and protons
  • Dr. Lucas Hoof
    Entwicklung von Membran-Elektroden-Einheiten für die kontinuierliche elektrochemische Umwandlung von CO2 und Optimierung für die industrielle Anwendung
  • Dr. Linda Iffland
    Tripodal and macrocyclic 3d transition metal complexes for the activation of small molecules
  • Dr. Mathias Smialkowski
    Pentlandite-based materials for electrocatalytic H2 evolution
  • Dr. Philipp Gerschel
    Multifunctional catalysis with macrocyclic transition metal complexes



  • Dr. Florian Wittkamp
    Das aktive Zentrum der [FeFe]-Hydrogenase als chemischer Baukasten
  • Dr. Kai junge Puring
    Verbesserung der CO2-Verfügbarkeit in der Kupferkatalysierten CO2-Elektroreduktion durch Hochdruckverfahren oder Gasdiffusionselektroden



  • Dr. Frauke Nyßen (geb. Möller)
    Cryptands as CODH Mimics for the Activation of Small Molecules
  • Dr. Stefan Piontek
    Synthesis of Heterogeneous FeNi-Compounds for the Hydrogen Evolution and Carbon Dioxide Reduction



  • Dr. Anette Petuker
    Activation of Small Molecules with Iron and Nickel Complexes comprising Tripodal Phosphines
  • Mohamed Barakat, AvH Postdoc (until 1.9.2023)